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Hello fellow bookish friends, and welcome to my blog! My name is Lucy and I am a huge book nerd and have been since I was four years old, when I managed to read Harry Potter all by myself.

My favourite books are Pride and Prejudice, I Capture the Castle and Lord of The Rings, but I am finding new favourites all the time and my wish is to read all the books in the world.

My favourite thing to do is sit in a bookshop café with a stack of books, a hot chocolate with whipped cream and a huge slice of cake. I once spent a whole day in Waterstones reading the day away.

I utterly adore reviewing books. I love the conversations we can have as a community and I love to give my views on things and fangirl over my favourite characters. I might not be the most savvy blogger out there, but I love it too much so am happy with the little blog that I’ve made.Aside from books, I am an autistic advocate and love hiking and watching Bake Off.

My best friend is my dog, Perry, and my favourite place is any bookshop in the world. I am a member of The Bronte Society and love to do online courses on historical subjects.Happy reading!

Love Luce x