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Just Another Mountain by Sarah Jane Douglas

Just Another Mountain is definitely one of those you will hold to your heart after you’ve read it, and feel a myriad of emotions.

With stories from childhood to adulthood all joined by the love of nature and walking, I haven’t felt as much about a book, than i did when I read this, in years. It felt an honour to read what Sarah had shared, like a friend passing you her diary.

Her mum’s cancer battle, and then hers, had my grieving alongside her. Recently a good friend passed away to cancer and I haven’t spoken to many about how I’m feeling. Sarah’s recap of watching her mum fight the disease, and what she herself went through, was so true to my own experiences that I felt comforted.

There is a deep honesty to this book that I appreciate. The vulnerability is so beautifully human that I respect it greatly, but despite the heavy topics and life experiences there isn’t a loss of humour or lightness. The fun and sweet moments are still prominently there and I enjoyed every moment of getting to know Sarah and her life.

Reading this has helped me feel more connected, and every scenic moment is described so beautifully without embellishment that I had to get outdoors myself and be reminded just how freeing it is.

Thank you for sharing your life with me, Sarah, I am truly grateful.

Favourite lines:

“Turning up at a friend’s house, she was promptly given a pair of socks and shoes. I wished I could have known her then.”

“She was more than just a mum. She was my very best friend, the person I knew I could always turn to.”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Emoji response: 💖😪😅❣💔🌳🏞


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