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Gladstone Library ~ an autistic person’s review

This weekend I went to Gladstone Library for my birthday. It is the UKs only residential Library and I definitely wanted a holiday where I was reading all day long!

The building and layout

On arrival, the building was simply breathtaking and it reminded me of Oxford and that sort of architecture.

Gladstone library has two reading rooms, but one is at the back of the other through a side door, and then through to the archives so it’s a little tricky to find at first.

The upstairs of the reading rooms are so amazing, just be careful though as the stairs are incredibly steep and anyone who is wobbly on their feet might struggle. Once up there, I found lots of little desks with lamps tucked away between the bookshelves and I absolutely loved sitting up there.

Unfortunately the common room was closed during my stay which was a great shame, as I’d have loved to have read in there or play a game of chess!

The bedrooms

The rooms were lovely and clean, and the bathrooms big with a nice bathtub for soaking. Mine, however, was very warm and so pack lighter pjs or ask at reception for a fan. I’d recommend staying in an en-suite room as it makes it that bit nicer.

The lack of plugs are an issue, there are non by the bed and so it was impossible to put my dvd player on. I believe this is to dissuade people from watching TV but it would be nice to have the option when bringing your own items.


The cakes are absolutely amazing here. I would recommend the scone and cream as the scones are freshly made (mine was still warm! Beautiful!)

Mistakes I made -so you don’t have to!

The breakfast that is included is only continental so you will have to pay extra if you want a full breakfast. Otherwise, if you’re on a budget, you’ll have to fill up on croissants and cereal and wait till lunch!

Water -a bit sparse! There’s no option to buy bottled water. You would have to keep going to the cafe bit and requesting a glass. There is no water in the rooms so I would recommend taking bottles with you.

Check in time is at 2pm, so try and get there for then! I got there before 12 and couldn’t have a bath or a rest after a long journey until check in time, so I am definitely planning my journey better next time.

Would I stay again?

Definitely! Though I am going to have to look at a better route down, a couple of days reading in the library, surrounded by old books, is such a good holiday. It’s quiet and peaceful and not overly bright, so gets the thumbs up sensory wise!

I also think the prices for everything are pretty good and so it’s not overly expensive to go a few times a year.

Final rating: 7.5/10


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