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Children of Moonstone Beach – book tour

Thank you so much to Blue from Kaleidoscopic Tours for the review copy of The Children of Moonstone Beach.

About the book

Four unlikely friends are thrown together on a beach far away from their homes in London amidst the chaos of the COVID pandemic as it hits the UK. Troubled, lost, sad and with hearts searching for more, they unknowingly kick-start a chain of events which sees them swept up into a new and spellbinding world.


My first impressions on reading the blurb was that this would be a look into the pandemic and how it affected the children, though the main focus is on their magical adventure amd the pandemic is quite innocently referred to as the virus. I found it to be quite a sweet story as both the children and tone were quite young.

The scenery was lovely, as was the illustrations, and I definitely think this book would be lovely to read to children themselves as it was quite easy for an adult to flick through.

I did love how the dog, Jessica, had her own character and personality and the bond that Libby shared with her. They were quite a sweet group and reminded me a little of Enid Blyton’s old tales but with magical creatures.

Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟


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