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Recipe for Mr Perfect by Anni Rose

In a time where it seems like the most hyped up books are about fairy-tales, warrior princesses or aliens jumping into parallel universes, it is a huge relief to pick up a book and realise it’s just about normal life. Much like your own life, in fact.

I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read about a woman who works in an office, hates cheery people on a Monday, and just wants to sit in her flat and watch Bridgerton with her cat. The fact I can relate so hard to this book makes it instantly brilliant. Although I don’t have a cat, I do have a baby Yoda doll and we have spent many evenings watching Daphne and the Duke fall in love, so I get the appeal.

The story follows multiple characters throughout work, relationships, drama and finding your dreams. The focus is mostly on Jess, Maggie and Sarah who work with each other and get to know the ins and outs of each other’s relationships.

It may be a book on finding Mr Right, but it is the down-to-earth realness of the group that makes me love this book the most. Office chats over fresh coffee, ringing IT when the equipment breaks and wondering if the pot plant is still alive might seem like such trivial things, however its these things that feature so heavily in the fabric of reality and so gives the book life. If asked, why should I read this book? I would happily tell anyone that it will get how you feel in your day to day life, and you will be thankful for it.

The romance aspect of this book is done slowly but brilliantly. I mean, a dashing stranger rescuing you from an embarrassing moment and then rushing off before you got his name? It does seem very Regency level romance, but instead of being silly it just makes you settle in with a glass of wine and the hopes that these two characters will bump into each other again soon. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a sucker for a good slow-burn.

I love how this book also touches on real life issues, such as how creatives are working in office roles and doing their passions on the side to pay the bills. How dating apps can be a complete failure, and how the post always needs to be in by four at the latest (this bit made me laugh so hard, it really is like that.) I loved that none of these people are boastfully successful or on top of everyone else, and there’s that special bit of insight into working life, of how your colleagues can be open enough to be work friends but private enough for you to never see the inside of their house. It’s those little touches of reality that make me really appreciate Anni’s writing.

A special thank you to Love Book Tours, Anni Rose and Choc Lit UK for a spot on the tour and a copy of this book.

Final rating: four stars.

You can order Recipe for Mr Perfect here.


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