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Shadow of Exposure by Jeremy Moran

First of all, I would like to thank Pegasus Publishers for sending me this book in return for an honest review. Secondly, I would like to say to them that I’m sorry I cannot speak about this book with excitement or hype, as my relationship with this book was not meant to be.

I really wanted to love it after reading the blurb. On a hype after binge watching all the James Bond films, I wanted to read a crime that had passion and fear with lots of risks being taken.

When I saw that the main character was a woman, I was sold. Finally, we have a woman taking on bad guys and exposing them! Unfortunately, Collette wasn’t a character well rounded enough to be interesting. She had credentials and was good with computers, but was then a prop for all the other characters to move around as they so wished. Collette was a chess piece to the story and it left her character flat, with no spark that might redeem her later on.

Turning to the writing, there was such a misogynistic tone to everything the male characters did. They were either forceful or dramatic, brash and rude to their female colleagues or were imitating business men of the fifties. Whatever their intention, it made the plot and its players overbearing, dry and tasteless. The constant exclamative tone tired me out and I felt that this wasn’t just drama anymore, but a lot of frustration given to characters who had little else to offer.

My biggest peeve was that I wasn’t thrilled by the adventure. There were no plot twists or anything to keep me excited. If someone died, I’d seen it coming three chapters ago. The clunky dialogue bored me as much as the action scenes and all in all, I would have loved to leave the ending well alone just like a Schrodinger’s cat scenario. Did the heroine survive in the end? Who knows, the book went back in the box and there it will stay.


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